Budget: $40m Financed by: Revolution Studios
Domestic Gross: $29,077,547 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Columbia)
Overseas Gross: $2,593,073

rentThis big screen adaptation of the hit Broadway show was in development at Miramax back in 1996, before being shuffled over to Warner Bros and finally Revolution Studios put Rent into production for $40m.  Sony distributed in most territories and released Rent through their Columbia label in the US and opened the film over Thankgiving where it pulled in $10,016,021 for the weekend and a total of $17,138,943 for the holiday frame.  Rent did not attract audiences outside of its fanbase and the film declined 55.7% the following weekend to $4,441,633 which ended its chances at breaking out at the box office.  The film saw a 54.9% third weekend decline to $2,004,157 and Rent closed its run with $29,077,547.  Sony dumped the film in limited release overseas, where it pulled in just $2,593,073 and went straight to video in Spain.  The worldwide total was $31.6m leaving Sony with $17.3m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover their P&A spend and little to no cash overages would flow back to Revolution.