Budget: $88m Financed by: Miramax; MGM
Domestic Gross: $37,916,267 Domestic Distributor: Miramax (Dimension)
Overseas Gross: $67,400,000

the brothers grimmThe Brothers Grimm was a troubled production that suffered from the endless conflicts between director Terry Gilliam and producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein.  Originally budgeted at $75m, the film soared to $88m and had a prolonged post production from more bickering between filmmakers and producers that lasted so long, Gilliam went off and completed filming on Tideland before locking a cut on The Brothers Grimm.  During production, the costs and worldwide distribution were to be split between Miramax’s Dimension label and MGM, but during the long post production, MGM pulled out of the project and kept only a small equity investment in the film, but was still a first-dollar gross participant.  To help limit their exposure to the large budget, Miramax sold off international rights to distributors at Cannes in 2004.  The Brothers Grimm moved around the release calendar in the US before being released during the Miramax deluge of films being thrown into release that were sitting in their vault, when the Weinsteins announced their split with parent company Disney.  The Brothers Grimm opened in 3,087 theaters and came in slightly above its poor expectations with $15,092,079.  Audiences awarded the film with a terrible C cinemascore and The Brother Grimm showed weak legs and fell 52.3% in its second weekend to $7,195,019 and declined 53.5% in its third weekend to $3,343,644.  The film ended its US run with $37,916,267 leaving $20.8m to Miramax after theaters take their percentage of the gross, plus the undisclosed first dollar points awarded to MGM.  This would about cover Miramax’s P&A spend, but leave their exposure to the budget what overseas sales didn’t cover, in the red.  Overseas, the film played to mostly mediocre numbers, with Disney releasing in the UK to a weak $4.2m and Metropolitan distributed in France to a decent enough $9.8m, which posted the highest number overseas — which totaled $67,400,000 across numerous distributors.