Budget: $25m Financed by: Lakeshore Entertainment; Cinerenta
Domestic Gross: $15,007,991 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Screen Gems)
Overseas Gross: $18,288,466

the caveThe Cave was financed for $25m by Lakeshore Entertainment and the German investment fund Cinerenta, which shut down after investors sued the company for not covering their losses from numerous flops.  Sony based Screen Gems acquired the rights for $6.5m and released The Cave in the US in 2,195 theaters and the creature feature came in on the low side of the genre with $6,147,294.  Horror films usually don’t score well with cinemascore and audiences gave The Cave a C- and the film declined 52% in its second frame to $2,948,695 and dropped 54% the following weekend to $1,355,355.  The Cave left theaters with a total of $15,007,991 leaving Sony with $8.25m after theaters take their cut of the ticket price, which would cover their acquisition costs, but leave the expensive P&A spend mostly at a loss.  Entertainment distributed the film in the UK, which posted the best numbers with a weak $2,985,547 and Sony dumped the film in Australia where it picked up $360,256.  The overseas total was $18,288,466 across a handful of distributors and despite being partially funded from Germany, the Cave went straight to video there.