Budget: $29m Financed by: VIP Medienfonds 3
Domestic Gross: $6,303,762 Domestic Distributor: Warner Independent
Overseas Gross: $14,822,463

the jacketThe Jacket was financed for $29m through a now defunct German tax shelter, this tax shelter was VIP Medienfonds 3, which quickly raised $181m at the end of the year in 2003 where 3000 rich German citizens invested for a huge tax write off.  Warner Independent acquired US distribution rights and The Jacket would be their first wide release and after a confusing marketing campaign that stressed odd distorted dream imagery over anything that might connect with audiences, the film opened in 1,331 theaters and tanked.  The Jacket pulled in $2,723,682 opening weekend and declined 50.8% in its second weekend to $1,339,283 and fell 73.8% in its third weekend to $351,142.  The film closed with $6,303,762 leaving Warner Independent with $3.4m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, far less than their modest P&A spend.  Constantin distributed in Germany and the German funded film was dumped straight to video.  The Jacket grossed a total of $14,822,463 overseas, across numerous distributors and it pulled in poor numbers in every market.