Budget: $55m Financed by: Millennium/Nu Image; Emmet/Furla
Domestic Gross: $36,895,141 Domestic Distributor: Alcon (through Warner Bros)
Overseas Gross: $28,769,580

16 BlocksBudgeted at an estimated $55m by Millennium/Nu Image and Emmet/Furla, 16 Blocks was pre-sold worldwide which would limit their exposure to the budget.  Alcon purchased distribution rights in the US with some addition coin provided by Equity Pictures and 16 Blocks was released through Alcon’s output deal with Warner Bros – who would receive a fee for use of its distribution channel.  Alcon/WB opened 16 Blocks in the US in 2,706 theaters, where it came in below expectations with $11,855,260 and the film saw a modest 37.5% second weekend decline to $7,411,016 and another soft drop in its third weekend to $4,755,012 but it closed with a disappointing $36,895,141.  Alcon would see back $20.2m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, plus a fee to WB, which would cover almost the domestic ad spend, but little to no cash would flow back to Millennium/Nu Image or Emmet/Furla.  Overseas, the film pulled in terrible numbers from every territory and grossed $28.7m across numerous distributors.  WB saw the highest overseas numbers in the UK where they opened the film wide in 301 theaters to a soft $1,421,498 and it closed with a weak $4,251,554.