Budget: $55m Financed by: VIP; Relativity Media
Domestic Gross: $7,221,458 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Columbia)
Overseas Gross: $2,229,439

all_the_kings_men_xlgAll The King’s Men went into production with a $74m budget and that number was reduced to $55m before its release, likely after tax breaks.  The majority of the budget came from the German film fund VIP and Relativity Media also had a large stake in the film with their Gun Hill I line of equity hedge fund – where wealthy investors can put money toward a slate of films and this film was the biggest money loser of Gun Hill I, loosing over $28m for the fund.  Sony signed on as worldwide distributor through their Columbia label and the film was being touted as a major Oscar player, that is until critics eviscerated the picture and audiences avoided it.  Sony opened the film in the US in 1,514 theaters to a terrible $3,672,366 and it declined 58% in its second frame to $1,543,633 and sank 81.5% in its third weekend to $285,993.  All the King’s Men closed out its run after its fourth week with just $7,221,458 leaving Sony with $3.9m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not even cover 1/4 of their ad spend.  Overseas, the film pulled in only $2.2m flopping in every market.  It’s German gross was a pitiful $56,320 and Italy posted the highest numbers with a poor $683,800 and it was dumped straight to video in Russia and half a dozen smaller markets.