Budget: $26m Financed by: Disney
Domestic Gross: $17,127,992 Domestic Distributor: Disney
Overseas Gross: $369,000

untitledFinanced for $26 million by Disney who released Annapolis in the US under their Touchstone banner, the film opened in 1,605 theaters to a soft $7,681,171 and the film had weak legs and fell 55.5% in its second weekend to $3,415,500 and declined 59.7% in its third frame to $1,378,020.  Annapolis closed its run with $17,127,992 leaving the mouse house with about $9.4 million after theaters take their cut of the gross, which would not cover its P&A spend or its budget.  The film was released theatrically in Mexico to all of $369,000 and Disney dumped it straight to video in every market.  Annapolis did sell well on home video in the US bringing in $30m (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs), which would pad Disney’s loss.