Curious George

Budget: $50 million Financed by: Universal
Domestic Gross: $58,360,760 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $12,412,485
Directed by: Matthew O'Callaghan
Will Ferrell
Produced by: Brian Grazer

curious george box officeThe first Universal Studios animated film since the 1995 box office flop Balto, Curious George was first licensed by Universal in 1997.  This long in development big screen version of the monkey was conceived over the years as live action, mixed media, CG, live action and CG and it finally went into production as a 2D feature.  The budget was an estimated $50 million and costs were kept down by outsourcing 60% of the work to animation slaves across the globe.  Universal opened the film in the US in 2,566 theaters and the film would be competing for family audiences with The Pink Panther, which was also opening.  Curious George opened above expectations with a soft $14,703,405 and declined a modest 20% to $11,767,445 in its second frame, even with another addition to the family market, Eight Below.  Curious George saw modest weekly drops and closed its run with $58,360,760.  The film pulled in terrible numbers overseas, with just $12.4 million in ticket sales. Curious George posted its highest numbers in the UK with a poor $2,763,105 and saw a dismal $880,828 in Australia and grossed under a million in most territories.  The worldwide total was $70.7 million, leaving Universal with about $38.8 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover the modest worldwide P&A spend or any of the budget.  Curious George pulled in strong home video sales in the US, bringing in over $50 million and spawned a few direct to video sequels.