Budget: $51m Financed by: New Regency
Domestic Gross: $35,093,569 Domestic Distributor: FOX
Overseas Gross: $12,137,501

deck_the_hallsFinanced by New Regency for $51 million, Fox distributed worldwide.  Deck The Halls opened in the US on the same day as New Regency’s The Fountain, though the films were hardly competing for the same audience and it mustered a soft $12,001,256 opening in 3,205 theaters.  The family film did not have the strong legs it needed to break out and declined 44.4% in its second frame to $6,676,139 and slid a modest 40.2% in its third weekend to $3,993,188.  Deck The Halls closed its run with $35,093,569.  Overseas, the film flopped in every market, bringing its total to just $12.1 million and a weak $3.9 million from the UK was the strongest showing and Fox sent the film straight to video in Germany.  The worldwide total was $47.2 million, leaving Fox with about $25.9 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, far below the worldwide P&A spend.