Budget: $35m (estimated) Financed by: IDT Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $14,523,101 Domestic Distributor: IDT Entertainment (through FOX)
Overseas Gross: $2,104,087

everyones_heroEveryone’s Hero was financed by IDT Entertainment with a mid $30m budget and IDT used Fox as a rent-a-distributor for release in the US.  Everyone’s Hero opened in 2,896 theaters and pulled in a weak $6,061,762 and the animated film saw a small 22.6% decline in its second weekend to $4,690,466 but sank 74.8% to $1,182,556 in its third weekend when the animated Open Season was released.  Everyone’s Hero closed its run with $14,523,101 leaving IDT with about $7.9m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, far less than their P&A spend and leaving the budget at a loss, plus a fee for releasing through Fox.  The baseball theme would not find much appeal outside of the US and the film was released in a few small markets overseas to $2.1m across multiple distributors and went straight to video in the few other markets it found distribution.