Budget: $60 million Financed by: Larry Ellison; ICM
Domestic Gross: $13,090,630 Domestic Distributor: Electric Entertainment (through MGM)
Overseas Gross: $4,744,235
Directed by: Tony Bill
James Franco
Produced by: Dean Devlin

flyboys box officeBillionaire Larry Ellison put up 40% of the $60 million budget for Flyboys and the remainder was through ICM, which raised the funds through private equity.  Lionsgate pre-sold the film to foreign distributors and a US deal was to be reached after production.  Producer Dean Devlin shopped the film to every major US studio, but the film landed at MGM, where MGM would act as a rent-a-distributor and Devlin’s Electric Entertainment raised $20 million in P&A funds and MGM would receive a fee for use of its resources.  Flyboys opened in the US in 2,033 theaters and pulled in a weak $6,004,219 — placing #4 for the weekend led by Jackass: Number Two, Jet Li’s Fearless and it opened a bit better than the fiasco All The King’s Men.  The film sank 60.8% to $2,351,841 in its second weekend and declined 55.8% in its third frame to $1,039,073 and quietly closed its run with $13,090,630.  Devlin would see returned about $7.1 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving much of the P&A costs in the red, plus a fee to MGM.  The overseas total was a dismal $4.7 million across numerous distributors.  The film opened in 118 theaters in the UK to a terrible $76,375 with a $647 per screen average and dropped 83.1% in its second weekend to $12,905 and flopped out of UK cinemas with $208,133.  South Korea posted the film’s highest number with a weak $950,353.  Flyboys was dumped straight to video in France.  Using MGM as a rent-a-distributor entitled Electric to MGM’s lucrative cable deal with Showtime, giving a large 20%-25% of the theatrical gross for cable rights, which put about $3 million back in Electric’s pockets.