freedomlandFinanced by Revolution Studios for $37m, Freedomland was directed by the head of Revolution Joe Roth and Sony distributed worldwide.  Sony opened the film in the US in 2,361 theaters and the film received poor reviews and opened with little buzz to $5,833,562.  Audiences gave Freedomland a C+ cinemascore and the film declined 50.8% in its second weekend to $2,872,215 and tumbled 79.5% in its third weekend to $588,112 and closed its run after four weeks with $12,512,886.  Sony would see back $6.8m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving most of the prints and advertising spend in the red and the budget at a loss for Revolution.  Sony gave the film a small release overseas to $2.1m and sent it straight to video in most markets.