hootFinanced by Walden Media for an estimated $15m, New Line picked up US distribution rights and after a sizable prints and advertising spend, Hoot opened in 3,018 theaters to $3,368,197 and set the record for the worst opening in over 3,000 theaters.  The following year Walden Media’s The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising would place #2 on the worst openings in over 3,000 theaters and in 2012 Walden Media’s Won’t Back Down set the record for worst opening in over 2,500 theaters.  Hoot declined a modest 31.9% to $2,292,677 in its second weekend, but it could not make up ground after the record breaking opening and its theater count dropped to 818 in its third weekend, pulling in $423,650.  The film closed its run with $8,117,637 leaving New Line with $4.4m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which most of the ad spend would be a loss and Walden would see no cash overages flow back to them.  Hoot was released theatrically in a limited run in Mexico and Spain to all of $107,361 and was dumped straight to video in every other market.