Budget: $20 million Financed by: Firstsight Films; Classic Media
Domestic Gross: $652,163 Domestic Distributor: IDP
Overseas Gross: $5,790,691
Directed by: Charles Sturridge
Peter O'Toole
Samantha Morton
Produced by: Eric Ellenbogen

lassie box office 2006Lassie was financed for $20 million by Firstsight Films and Classic Media and Odyssey Entertainment sold worldwide rights and had the budget entirely covered for Firstsight and Classic.  IDP (Samuel Goldwyn and Roadside Attractions joint distribution) acquired US rights.  A few months before its release, a major product placement deal was set where the famous canine would have its own line of dog food, Lassie Natural Way (still on the market and its junk — your dog deserves better food).  Lassie received strong notices from critics and IDP booked it in 169 theaters over the slow Labor Day frame and it pulled in $254,420 with a poor $1,505 per screen average.  The pic declined 50.2% in its second frame to $126,600 and quietly closed its run with only $652,163.  Entertainment distributed in the UK and opened the film moderately wide in 236 theaters to $235,584 and a terrible $998 per screen average.  The film had a bump in attendance in its second weekend, increasing 10.7% to $260,809 and saw modest declines and closed with a soft $2,236,185 which posted the strongest worldwide numbers.  Lassie’s overseas cume was a small $5.7 million across numerous distributors and it went straight to video in Germany.