Marie Antoinette

Budget: $40 million Financed by: Relativity; Sony; Pathé; Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Domestic Gross: $15,962,471 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Columbia)
Overseas Gross: $44,954,718
Directed by: Sofia Coppola
Kirsten Dunst
Produced by: Ross Katz

Marie Antoinette box officeMarie Antoinette was majority financed by Relativity Media’s $700 million hedge fund Gun Hill Road II, which covered the financing for a slate of 19 films.  Marie Antoinette was the first project released from the Gun Hill Road II slate and was listed as a major money loser for the fund.  Budgeted at $40 million, Marie Antoinette also received funding from Sony, Pathé and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation and it was distributed in most markets by Sony.  Pathé distributed the film in France where it opened a week after its Cannes premiere and months before its release rolled out in most territories.  Pathé spent $3 million on marketing, including a lavish Cannes red-carpet preem and despite a mostly negative reception at the festival, the film opened moderately wide in 312 theaters to a decent $2,867,057.  It saw a modest 30.2% second weekend decline to $2,000,275 and closed its run with $7,870,774.  Sony opened the film in the US moderately wide in 859 theaters to $5,361,050 — placing #8 for the weekend led by The Prestige and holdover The Departed.  Marie Antoinette fell 46.9% in its second weekend to $2,845,815 which would end its chance at an expansion.  It did post a small 22.2% third weekend drop to $2,212,839 but the film quickly faded from theaters with just $15,962,471.  Sony would see back about $8.7 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover the modest ad spend or any of their exposure to the budget.  Overseas, Sony saw mostly poor results, with most territories posting weak numbers and the film pulled in $44.9 million total and $15.7 million was from Japan distributed by Toho and the $7.8 million cume from France for Pathé.  The film went straight to video in Russia and a few smaller markets.