material_girls_xlgCo financed for an estimated $15m by Maverick Films and Patriot Pictures, Material Girls had trouble landing a US distributor and Maverick Films ended up paying for the marketing through MGM which acted as a rent-a-distributor.  After a modest, but still expensive prints and advertising spend, the Hilary Duff vehicle opened in 1,509 theaters to a poor $4,603,121.  Material girls declined 52.2% in its second weekend to $2,202,582 and fell 54.8% in its third weekend to $995,585 and closed its run with $11,449,638.  Maverick Films would see back about $6.2m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, plus a fee to MGM, which would not even cover half of their ad spend or any of the budget.  Material Girls saw a small release overseas across multiple distributors to just $5.4m and went straight to video in most markets.