1707_8513_4.qxdFinanced by Warner Bros and Legendary for $50m, The Ant Bully was released to theaters amidst a ton of animated fare still in theaters – Cars, Over the Hedge, Monster House and Barnyard opened the following weekend.  After an expensive ad spend and a heavy IMAX push, Warner Bros opened the film in the US in 3,050 theaters to a poor start with $8,432,465.  Unsurprisingly, with the glut of animated features in the marketplace, The Ant Bully had weak legs and fell 53.8% in its second weekend to $3,892,443 and declined 51.9% in its third frame to $1,872,420.  The film closed its run with a poor $28,142,535 and in IMAX’s financial report for investors, they blamed The Ant Bully’s poor performance as one of the reasons for their quarter net loss.  Warner Bros released the film overseas where it flopped in every territory, bringing in just $27m.  A terrible $3.9m from the UK posted the strongest overseas showing.  The Ant Bully’s worldwide total was $55.1m, leaving WB/Legendary with $30.3m after theaters take their percentage of the gross – leaving much of the budget in the red and the expensive worldwide P&A spend at a loss.  US home video sales were a solid $35m (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs) which would pad the loss.  Animation house DNA Productions closed down after The Ant Bully tanked.