good_germanFinanced for $32m by Warner Bros and Virtual Studios, this high profile, black and white film with an all-star cast, was too difficult a sell to mainstream audiences and the mixed to poor critical reception made it a difficult sell to art house audiences.   Warner Bros opened The Good German in the US in 5 theaters to $76,817 with a decent $15,363 per screen average.  The film expanded to 19 theaters in its second weekend to $95,539 with a troubling $5,028 per screen average and the film never expanded beyond 66 theaters and pulled in a poor $1,308,696 total.  Warner Bros turned down the opportunity to have European distribution partners, expecting the film to play well overseas, but it was met with a cold reception.  WB opened the film in the UK in 50 theaters to a weak $150,809 with a $3,016 per screen average and it declined 55.7% in its second weekend to $66,860 and closed with $633,799.  The Good German was dumped in limited release in most markets and Spain returned the highest numbers with just $1,351,208 and the overseas total was a mere $4.6m.  After the terrible rollout, the film opened months later in Russia and some smaller markets, where WB sent it straight to video.  The Good German is the second WB and private hedge fund Virtual Studios film to flop in 2006, the other was the box office disaster Poseidon.