returnCo-financed by Intrepid Pictures and Universal’s genre label Rogue for an estimated $15m, Rogue opened The Return in the US in 1,986 theaters to a poor $4,479,621.  The film sank 61.5% in its second frame to $1,723,615 and quickly left theaters with $7,749,851 leaving Rogue with $4.2m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would barely cover 1/4 of the ad spend.  UIP (joint distribution between Universal and Paramount) released The Return in the UK moderately wide in 225 theaters to just $547,468 and it closed with a weak $1,134,154 – which posted the strongest overseas number.  The overseas total was $4.2m and Universal sold off the foreign rights to numerous distributors, who saw very little in return.