The SentinelNew Regency financed The Sentinel for an estimated $60m, with Fox distributing in most territories.  The Michael Douglas vehicle opened in the US in 2,819 theaters and was tracking poorly, but opened slightly above expectations with a soft $14,367,854.  The film declined 45.8% in its second frame to $7,787,208 and proved to have poor legs when it dropped 60.4% in its third frame to $3,086,304.  The Sentinel closed its run with $36,280,697.  Overseas, the film pulled in poor numbers in most markets, where it opened to a terrible $683,361 in Australia and closed with $1,802,215 and grossed a poor $3,888,286 in the UK.  Spain posted the highest overseas numbers with a soft $6,255,372 and the overseas total was just $41.8m bringing the worldwide gross to $78m, where Regency would see back about $43m after theaters take their cut of the gross – leaving much of their ad spend and budget in the red and even less after Fox receives their distribution fee.