Budget: $75.6 million Financed by: Revolution Studios
Domestic Gross: $11,989,328 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $516,860
Directed by: Peter Hewitt
Tim Allen
Produced by: Todd Garner

zoom box officeZoom was financed by Revolution Studios and the reported $35 million budget was actually $75.6 million after Revolution was put up for sale and its library of film’s actual budgets were listed.  FOX and Marvel filed a lawsuit against Revolution and Sony before the film entered production, claiming the film was very similar to X-Men and the release date for Zoom being two weeks in front of X-Men 3 would draw infringing parallels from their marketing.  The lawsuit was dropped two months later, when some minor changes to Zoom were made, including lowering the rating from PG-13 to PG and the release date shifted to August instead of May.  Sony distributed and covered the marketing costs and Zoom received awful reviews (at the time of release it had a 0% on rottentomatoes) and opened in 2,501 theaters to a dead on arrival $4,510,408.  It placed #9 for the weekend led by holdover Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and new openers Step Up and World Trade Center.  The pic declined 46.4% in its second weekend to $2,415,611 and its theater count was reduced to 868 going into its third weekend.  Zoom dropped 73% to $652,045 and closed its run with $11,989,328.  Sony would see returned about $6.6 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover even 1/4 of their ad spend and leave Revolution with no cash overages to flow back to them.  Sony dumped the film overseas, giving Zoom a small run where it pulled in all of $516,680 and was sent straight to video in almost every market. Domestic home video sales cumed $12.6 million.