Resurrecting The Champ

Budget: $13 million (estimated) Financed by: Yari Film Group
Domestic Gross: $3,172,573 Domestic Distributor: Yari Film Group/Freestyle Releasing
Overseas Gross: $69,854
Directed by: Rod Lurie
Samuel L. Jackson
Josh Hartnett
Produced by: Bob Yari

Resurrecting The Champ box officeResurrecting The Champ was financed for an estimated $13 million by Yari Film Group, one of the many decisions that would send them into bankruptcy protection the following year.  Though, in an interview with the Hollywoodreporter, director Rod Lurie said the budget was under $10 million.  The struggling Yari Film Group combined its distribution arm with rent-a-distributor Freestyle Releasing, to help with booking, shipping and logistics and Kickin’ It Old Skool was the first film under this arrangement, four months prior.  Yari secured 1,605 theaters for Resurrecting The Champ and after a strong TV ad spend, the film was stillborn with $1,667,659 — placing outside the top 10 at #15 for the weekend led by holdover Superbad.  Resurrecting The Champ sank 66.7% in its second frame to $554,616 and promptly lost most of its theater count.  It closed with only $3,172,573 and after theaters take their percentage of the gross, Yari would see back about $1.5 million, which would not even cover the cost of striking film prints for theaters.  Resurrecting The Champ had little appeal overseas and went straight to video in almost every market and made all of $69,854 from a release in Belgium, Lebanon, Portugal, Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates.  Fox released the film in the US on home video, where it pulled in $3.8 million in sales.  In 2008 UK distributor Momentum Pictures sued Yari after purchasing the rights for Resurrecting The Champ for $1.3 million, which was to be bundled with a John Travolta film that was to enter production (Man On A Ledge, eventually released by Lionsgate and without Travolta), but never came together.  Momentum declined to release Resurrecting The Champ and wanted the rights to return to Yari, in return for their acquisition costs.  Momentum eventually released the pic straight to video in 2012.