Budget: $11m Financed by: Promenade Pictures; Huhu Studio
Domestic Gross: $952,820 Domestic Distributor: Promenade Pictures (through Rocky Mountain Pictures)
Overseas Gross: $99,087

ten_commandments_xlgCo-financed for $11m by Promenade Pictures and New Zealand based Huhu Studio, The Ten Commandments was to be the first of 12 bible stories, which would be budgeted between $5m and $20m.  Promenade covered the US distribution and marketing costs and released through distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures in 830 theaters to one of the worst wide release openings ever with $478,910 and a per screen average of $577 for the weekend.  The poorly reviewed animated film fell 64.2% in its second weekend to $171,465 and quickly bombed out of theaters with just $952,820.  Promenade would receive only a small amount of the gross, (larger theater chains like Regal Cinema pay out only 34% of the gross to small distributors) which would be less than $350k, losing almost the entire budget and the millions spent on prints and advertising.  Overseas, the film saw a release in Australia to a terrible $56,355 and $42,518 in Singapore and made all of $214 in Hungary.  It went straight to video in the few remaining countries it found distribution and killed off the 12 bible films plan, with an animated Noah starting production for $15m, but no word if it has been completed or scrapped.