Budget: $15m (estimated) Financed by: Our Stories Films; The Weinstein Company
Domestic Gross: $5,713,425 Domestic Distributor: The Weinstein Company (Dimension)/MGM
Overseas Gross: $0

whos_your_caddy_xlgWho’s Your Caddy? was the first film from newly formed Our Stories Films founded by BET billionaire Robert L. Johnson, who formed a distribution pact with the Weinstein Company.  Financed as a joint venture between Our Stories and Weinstein, the estimated $15m budget, plus millions more in prints and advertising, was a flop at the domestic box office.  Opening in 1,019 theaters, the Weinstein’s released the film through their Dimension label and with their distribution partnership with MGM and the film took in just $2,756,661 opening weekend.  It fell 60.4% in its second weekend to $1,092,324 and quickly closed out its run with $5,713,425 of which Our Stories/Weinstein/MGM would see back about $3m after theaters take their percentage of the ticket price, leaving most of the ad spend and budget at a loss.  The critically destroyed film saw a realease only in the UK and Japan, who sent it straight to video and the film has found a nice home on the IMDB bottom 100 since release.