Budget: $30m Financed by: Nu Image/Millennium; Emmett/Furla
Domestic Gross: $17,213,467 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $15,379,918

88 minutesThis Al Pacino staring turkey was filmed in 2005 and 88 Minutes rotted on the shelf for three years before critics eviscerated it and audiences ignored it.  Financed for $30m by Nu Image/Millennium and Emmett/Furla, Sony paid $6m for US distribution rights and a few overseas territories.  88 Minutes opened in the US on 2,168 screens to a poor $6,957,216 and quietly closed its run with $17,213,467.  Sony would see back about $9.5 million after theaters take their cut of the gross, which would cover the acquisition cost, but only a fraction of the ad spend.  $13.8 million in home video sales (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs) would bring this to a either a small loss or a break even point for Sony.  Overseas, the film posted terrible numbers, bringing in $15.3 million across numerous distributors and 88 Minutes went straight to video in most major markets.