Budget: $24m Financed by: Bauer Martinez
Domestic Gross: $0 Domestic Distributor: Bauer Martinez
Overseas Gross: $9,576,495

I could never be your womanFinanced by Philippe Martinez for $24m, who had more ego than understanding of the film business, gave star Michelle Pfeiffer 15% of gross in return for a $1m salary.  When shopping the film around to distributors in the US, every studio passed as a result of the back end going to the actress.  While trying to get Pfeiffer to change her contract, Martinez inexplicably sold off the foreign rights and made a US home video deal with The Weinstein Company, which caused all the studios to pass on the project again when it was still being shopped for a theatrical release.  I Could Never Be Your Woman was the victim of its foolish producer and went straight to video in the US.  In an interview with the NY Times, Martinez boasted about his grand plans to become the largest independent studio and become larger than Lionsgate in a years time.  Unsurprisingly, the would be mogul found his production shingle wiped out in in 2009.  Overseas the film pulled in weak numbers, but at least found a release through numerous distributors for a $9.5m total.  It went straight to video in key markets, UK, Germany, Australia and Italy.