Budget: $30m Financed by: New Line
Domestic Gross: $15,740,721 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $15,407,607

pride_and_glory_ver4_xlgPride and Glory was financed for $30m by New Line and the studio would get cold feet releasing the film in late 2007 so close to another cop drama We Own the Night.  The film was pushed back until March 2008, where New Line decided to not release the film due to pressure from parent company Warner Bros about delivering a hit after the disappointing returns on The Golden Compass.  Director Gavin O’Connor, blamed New Line chairman Bob Shaye for not having faith in the film and even tried to shop the film around to different distributors.  Warner Bros eventually decided to release the film in the US and opened Pride and Glory in 2,585 theaters to a disappointing $6,262,396 and Pride and Glory ended its run with only $15,740,721.  After Warner’s 55% of the gross, not even half of the ad spend would be covered.  The film was sold to numerous distributors overseas, which would limit Warner’s exposure of the budget.  The overseas gross was a meager $15.4m, with $3.6m from Spain showing the strongest numbers.