Budget: $60m Financed by: Nu Image/Millennium; Emmett/Furla
Domestic Gross: $40,081,410 Domestic Distributor: Overture
Overseas Gross: $38,379,289

Righteous Kill was crighteous_kill_ver2o-financed for $60m by Nu Image/Millennium and Emmett/Furla and this would be the second John Avnet directed turkey of 2008, the other being the long delayed 88 Minutes, also financed by the same team and staring Pacino.  Put into production and marketed as two acting legends together for the first time (not counting their two brief scenes in Heat), the novelty did not rub off on audiences, who have been seeing the two thesps appear in paycheck roles for over a decade.  Newly formed US distributor Overture, which is owned by cable giant Starz, paid an estimated $12m to acquire the rights and the film opened to a respectable $16,288,361.  The film didn’t have strong legs and it closed out its run with $40,081,410 which after theaters take their cut of the gross, would cover Overture’s acquisition cost, but leave a sizable portion of the ad spend in the red.  Domestic home video sales were $17m (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs), so Overture was in good shape and probably broke even.  Nu Image and Emmett/Furla pre-sold the film which sold well to distributors, so their exposure was minimal, but Righteous Kill pulled in poor numbers overseas to distributors who overpaid for the film.  The film pulled in just $38.3m across numerous distributors.  The risk was mitigated across many distributors, so no one entity lost much on the film, despite the weak worldwide total.