Budget: $25m Financed by: 2929
Domestic Gross: $1,090,147 Domestic Distributor: Magnolia
Overseas Gross: $5,619,941

what_just_happened2929 financed this $25m movie about movies and 2929 premiered What Just Happened at Sundance in hopes of finding a distributor, but the film came with a heavy prints and advertising commitment and the festival ended without a buyer for What Just Happened.  Hoping to reignite sales for the film, it played at Cannes and again all the majors passed on the film.  Magnolia, which is also owned by Marc Cuban’s 2929 put the film out and clearly did not invest in a heavy marketing spend.  Magnolia opened the film in 36 theaters to a disappointing $192,508 and a $5,347 per screen average for the weekend.  They never expanded the film past 88 screens and it closed its US run with $1,090,147.  Overseas, the film saw a small release pulling in $5.6m across multiple distributors and $1.3m from Italy as the strongest showing.  The film went straight to video in France.