Budget: $200m Financed by: Disney
Domestic Gross: $137,855,863 Domestic Distributor: Disney
Overseas Gross: $187,430,783

christmas_carolA Christmas Carol pulled in strong numbers worldwide, but was another casualty of excessive spending where reaching a break even point would be near impossible.  Disney footed the bill for the $200m motion capture film and launched one of the mouse house’s most expensive worldwide marketing campaigns.  They launched a 16,000 mile, six month train tour, with a five car train that had exhibits of the film, which required tons of Disney staff to see through.  Mark Zoradi, who was the head of worldwide marketing at Disney spearheaded the bloated ad campaign and saw himself forced to resign when A Christmas Carol opened in the US to $30,051,075.  The film had enough legs to get to a respectable $137,855,863 final gross and a solid overseas total of $187.4 but Disney would only see back about $180m after theaters take their percentage of the gross – just falling short of the budget, but leaving the massive ad spend as a loss.  Disney took an unreported but estimated $50m-100m write down on the film.

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