Budget: $25m Financed by: Nu Image/Millennium
Domestic Gross: $1,702,112 Domestic Distributor: First Look
Overseas Gross: $8,886,990

bad_lieutenant_port_of_call_new_orleans_xlgBad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans  was financed for $25m by Nu Image/Millennium and Millennium pre-sold the rights to distributors limiting their risk on the project.  First Look distributed the film in the US and First Look is owned by Nu Image.  The well reviewed film opened in 27 theaters to $245,398 with an ok $9,089 per screen average and it never expanded beyond 96 theaters and ended its run with only $1,702,112.  Polsky Films contributed $1.3m to the small US marketing spend and sued First Look and Nu Image for taking all the money that came in from the box office, when they were contractually obligated to pay back Polsky Films first.  Polsky Films joined the queue behind the 20+ companies that are suing First Look for non payment, which owner Avi Lerner closed down from bankruptcy the following year in 2010.  Overseas, the film pulled in small numbers across multiple distributors, bringing its overseas total to a small $8.8m.

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