Budget: N/A Financed by: FOX; Dune Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $9,362,785 Domestic Distributor: FOX
Overseas Gross: $48,134,914

dragonball-evolution-posterFox and Dune Entertainment co-financed this stinker and the budget estimates are all over the place on Dragonball Evolution.  First announced as an expensive project produced by international star Stephen Chow for $100m, then reported at about $80m, then $45m and finally the number has dropped to $30m.  During filming there were rumors that Fox might scrap the project and seeing what’s left onscreen, they probably did indeed scrap most of the budget.  Fox opened the film in the asian market first to mixed results.  Japan was the strongest market with an ok $8.4m and the film pulled in a soft $48m from its overseas run and was dumped straight to video in Germany.  Fox opened the film in the US without screening it for critics and it flopped with $4,756,488 opening weekend.  Audiences gave Dragonball Evolution a poor C+ cinemascore and the film sank 64.6% in its second frame to $1,684,942 and quickly left theaters with $9,362,785 which would leave FOX with about $5m after theaters take their cut of the gross – which would not cover even 1/3 of the ad spend.  Whatever the cost of the actual budget, the audience response and worldwide box office were poor enough to stop Fox from going ahead with a series of films.

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