Budget: $60m Financed by: New Line
Domestic Gross: $17,303,424 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros/New Line
Overseas Gross: $45,146,937

inkheartNew Line Cinema financed the $60m Inkheart after tax breaks, in hopes of spawning a franchise and sold off foreign rights to pay for most of the production.  The film was tracking poorly and opened in the US with little hype or buzz to $7,601,379 and declined 51% in its second weekend to $3,721,492 and a steep 66.9% in its third weekend to $1,231,458.  Inkheart closed its run with only $17,303,424.  The poor gross would not cover the ad spend and even though New Line did not have much financial exposure after the foreign sales, the weak numbers would kill off the would be franchise.  Overseas the film saw mixed results, with Warner Bros releasing in Germany which posted the strongest numbers at $10.1m and Inkheart played soft elsewhere across numerous distributors who overpaid for the film during pre-sales, to a $45.1m total.

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