Budget: $20m (estimated) Financed by: CinemaNX
Domestic Gross: $1,190,003 Domestic Distributor: CinemaNX; Hart/Lunsford Pictures (through Freestyle Releasing)
Overseas Gross: $1,146,169

me_and_orson_wellesThe Isle of Man film fund, set up a new production company CinemaNX, which Me and Orson Welles was its first production and they financed the film that is estimated in the low $20m range.  The well reviewed Richard Linklater film surprisingly failed to find US distribution and CinemaNX launched a campaign to distribute themselves.  They got Hart/Lunsford Pictures to pay for prints and advertising, Warner Bros to distribute on home video and the rent-a-distributor Freestyle Releasing would secure theaters.  The ambitious release began in 4 theaters with a $63,638 opening weekend and a decent, but unspectacular $15,910 per screen average and moved to 5 theaters in its second weekend to $39,587.  Me And Orson Welles expanded to 64 theaters in its third frame to $154,754 and a troubling $2,418 per screen average and saw its widest expansion in week four to practically no growth in 134 theaters to $156,420.   Me And Orson Welles closed its US run with just $1,190,003.  Overseas the film also had trouble finding its way to theaters and was released in 7 countries to $1.1m and half of that was from the terrible numbers it posted in the UK with $557,602.

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