Budget: $6m Financed by: Fox Atomic
Domestic Gross: $4,543,320 Domestic Distributor: Fox Atomic
Overseas Gross: N/A

miss_march_xlgFox Atomic backed this $6m inexpensive sex comedy that had a more expensive marketing spend than its budget.  Fox Atomic was coming off a long line of flops and Miss March was no different, grossing just $2,409,156 opening weekend in 1,742 theaters and dropping 72.4% in its second weekend to $664,351 and receiving some of the worst reviews coming out of a major studio.  It quickly closed with a total of $4,543,320 and Fox closed down their genre branch Fox Atomic a month later.  The film went straight to video in the few countries it found release and Fox did not report the numbers of the few territories that saw a small theatrical release.

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