Budget: $40m Financed by: Constantin
Domestic Gross: $10,330,853 Domestic Distributor: Overture
Overseas Gross: $10,314,474

pandorum_ver2German based Constantin financed the $40m Pandorum, with some German grants and tax breaks reducing their exposure to $33m.  Overture Films distributed in the US.  Overture, the short lived distribution company owned by cable giant Starz had a $10m investment in Pandorum.  Constantin gave the film a big release in Germany and it bombed with an awful $932,423 gross.  Overture opened the film in 2,506 theaters to a disappointing $4,424,126 and it dropped 55.3% in its second weekend to $1,979,061 and closed with a total of $10,330,853, which would leave Overture in the red after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  Though they probably broke even after home video sales.  Constantin limited their risk on the film, which they envisioned as a trilogy, through pre-sales, but poor showings worldwide killed off the would be series.  Pandorum tanked in every territory, grossing $10m across multiple distributors.