Budget: $50m Financed by: Working Title
Domestic Gross: $8,017,917 Domestic Distributor: Focus
Overseas Gross: $28,330,867

boat_that_rocked_ver8_xlgThe Boat That Rocked was financed by London based Working Title, which is owned by Universal, for estimates upwards of $50m.  The film received poor reviews from the UK and pulled in a disappointing $10.1m and posted soft numbers in every territory with the exception of a decent $7.1m from France.  The overseas release accumulated a poor $28.3m for Universal, which prompted the studio to give the film to its specialty division Focus for a US release, which Focus would be more equipped at marketing less commercial films.  They cut 20 minutes out of the film and renamed it Pirate Radio and opened the film in 882 theaters to a disappointing $2,904,380 and it closed its US run with $8,017,917.  Focus/Universal would see back about $4.4m from the US gross after theaters take their cut, which would not come close to covering the ad spend and the poor worldwide numbers would leave most of the budget as a loss.

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