Budget: $38m Financed by: Summit; Icon
Domestic Gross: $31,811,527 Domestic Distributor: Summit
Overseas Gross: $17,047,091

push_ver2Push was co-financed by Summit Entertainment and Icon for $38m and Icon would distribute in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and pre-sell the rights in Asia and South Africa.  Summit distributed in the US and Push was to be the start of a series of films, but that never materialized after the weak worldwide box office.  The film was tracking poorly in the US, but opened above expectations at $10,079,109 and dropped only 31.9% in its second weekend to $6,863,022.  Push closed its US run with a soft $31,811,527 which would leave Summit with $20.9m after theaters take their percentage of the gross and would cover a good portion of the ad spend.  Icon saw awful results in Australia with just $765,880 and never reported the numbers in New Zealand.  The UK gross was a poor $1,826,729.  The overseas total was $17m across numerous distributors and the film was sent straight to video in Germany.  Summit attempted to make the property into a TV series after the film did poor numbers, but the show was passed by every network.

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