Budget: $80m Financed by: Disney
Domestic Gross: $38,577,772 Domestic Distributor: Disney (Buena Vista)
Overseas Gross: $83,867,000

surrogatesDisney financed this $80m Bruce Willis vehicle, and the star would find his large budget career topping days in free fall over the next few years after choosing cheap paycheck projects.  After an expensive marketing campaign, the mouse house saw Surrogates open in the US to a disappointing $14,902,692 and audiences didn’t like what they saw and awarded the film a toxic C cinemascore and the film declined 51.4% in its second weekend to $7,241,054.  Surrogates closed out its weak run with only $38,577,772.  Overseas, the film fared a bit better for Disney with a solid $83.8m, but it would not be enough to offset the poor US numbers.  With a worldwide total of $122.4m the mouse house would see $67m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would neither cover the budget or the costly ad spend.

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