The Informers

Budget: $18 million Financed by: Senator Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $300,000 Domestic Distributor: Senator Entertainment
Overseas Gross: $82,174
Directed by: Gregor Jordan
Mickey Rourke
Amber Heard
Produced by: Nicholas Jarecki

the informers box officeSenator Entertainment, a German based company branched out into the US with a full financing and distribution arm and The Informers was their first US production, which cost $18 million plus millions more in marketing.  Senator premiered the film at Sundance and the film was regarded as the disaster of the festival.  Senator still went along as planned with a small, but still ambitious release at 482 theaters and the film posted some of the worst opening numbers with a $300,000 opening weekend and a $622 per screen average for the weekend.  The numbers were so awful and humiliating, that Senator refused to release the weekday box office numbers and pulled the film completely out of release before the end of the week.  This was the end of the US distribution arm for Senator, they closed it down, went through bankruptcy and had to put the film Splice which they were planning on distributing, back onto the market.  The Informers was given a tiny theatrical release in the UK, Russia and Portugal to $82,174 and went straight to video in the few territories it found distribution.