Budget: $50m Financed by: Sony; Relativity; Atlas Entertainment; German Federal Film Fund
Domestic Gross: $25,450,527 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $34,710,864

international_xlgThe $50m budget was put together by Sony, Relativity, German based Atlas Entertainment and the German Federal Film Fund contributed $8.5m.  Budget estimates also go higher when the film was ordered back into reshoots to add more action.  Sony signed on as worldwide distributor and star Clive Owen who is no stranger to flops, saw the film open in the US to a soft $9,331,739 and audiences gave the film a crummy C+ cinemascore.  Targeting adult audiences the film was hoped to have some legs, but it dropped 52.2% in its second weekend to $4,463,916 and closed out its run with $25,450,527.  Overseas, The International didn’t fare much better, grossing a disappointing $5.8m in director Tom Tykwer’s home country Germany, which was the strongest territory.  It pulled in a poor $34.7m total, for a worldwide total of $60.1m, which after theaters take their percentage of the gross, Sony would see back $33m, which would not come close to covering the worldwide ad spend and leave the budget as a loss.

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