Budget: $70m (estimated) Financed by: MGM; Sony
Domestic Gross: $35,922,978 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $40,023,637

pink_panther_two_ver3The Pink Panther 2 was budgeted with estimates between $60m and $70m and this sequel would see less than half of the worldwide total of its predecessor.  Financed by the troubled MGM and with some capital and distribution through Sony, The Pink Panther 2 came in below expectations in the US with a $11,588,150 opening weekend.    The film dropped a modest 26.5% in its second weekend to $8,513,476 but ended its chances at breaking out when it declined 55.3% in its third weekend to $3,802,292.  The Pink Panther 2 closed its run with $35,922,978 and continued its diminishing returns overseas with about half the gross of the first installment.  Sony distributed the film to $40m which would bring the worldwide total to a $75.9m, which after theaters take their percentage of the gross would leave Sony and MGM with $41.75m, well below the budget and the expensive worldwide ad spend.