Budget: $70 million Financed by: Sogecable; Telecinco Cinema
Domestic Gross: $619,423 Domestic Distributor: Newmarket Films
Overseas Gross: $38,422,082
Directed by: Alejandro Amenábar
Rachel Weisz
Produced by: Álvaro Augustín

agora box officeSogecable co-financed this $70 million production with Telecinco Cinema and Agora, entirely backed by money from Spain, was shot in English for the global market.  Focus sold the international rights to distributors and Fox picked up rights to release in Spain.  Fox Searchlight was in talks for a US release but could not come to terms with the films price and the length.  Fox backed a strong marketing blitz in Spain, where Agora became the #1 film of the year, grossing over $30 million.  The strong box office in Spain reignited interest from distributors all over the globe who initially passed on the film.  Unfortunately, the film still encountered problems being picked up and the independent studio Newmarket picked up US rights where they opened Agora in 2 theaters to $33,262 with a $16,631 per screen average.  The film expanded to just 17 theaters where it made only $619,423 in its entire run.  The film pulled in under $7 million total from every territory outside of Spain, leaving the the film that was a blockbuster in its home country with most of its budget in the red.