All Good Things

Budget: $20 million Financed by: Groundswell Prods.
Domestic Gross: $582,024 Domestic Distributor: Magnolia
Overseas Gross: $1,109,854
Directed by: Andrew Jarecki
Ryan Gosling
Kirsten Dunst
Produced by: Bruna Papandrea

All Good Things box officeGroundswell Prods. financed the $20 million All Good Things and the Weinstein Company took international rights, which they would sell to distributors.  The Weinstein Company purchased the international rights for an estimated $6 million – $8 million and they were to distribute in the US.  After a planned fall 2009 release, The Weinstein Co pushed All Good Things back and then shifted the release date numerous times for a 2010 release.  Apparently director Andrew Jarecki and the Weinstein Co disagreed on a release strategy and after the numerous delays, Jarecki purchased the domestic rights back to shop to another distributor.  Weinstein Co kept the international rights and cable.  The film ended up in the hands of Magnolia films, which is owned by billionaire Mark Cuban, who also owns the Landmark Cinema theater chain and oddly enough Magnolia pushes a VOD release for most of their films and not a strong release through their theaters.  All Good Things had its widest release in just 35 theaters and made only $582,024 at the US box office.  Overseas distributors spent little on releasing the picture and it opened briefly in a few territories to $1.1 million and went straight to video in most major markets.  In the US the film did fare quite better on VOD, bringing in about $6 million.  Groundswell Prods changed their business model after All Good Things to smaller budgets and more commercial fare.