Budget: $80m Financed by: GK Films
Domestic Gross: $43,313,890 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $37,810,239

edge_of_darknessGraham King’s GK Films financed this $80m Mel Gibson comeback vehicle and Warner Bros purchased US rights to Edge of Darkness for $27m.  The initial production budget was a bit lower before Robert DeNiro was fired, or left because of ‘creative differences’ according to his handlers and kept his salary.  The film did sell well to distributors worldwide, so Graham King had a limited risk after selling off the international rights.  Distributors did overpay for a film that underperformed.  After a hefty marketing spend in the US, Warner Bros saw the film open with a decent start at $17,214,384 but the film had weak legs and dropped 60.2% in its second frame to $6,855,371 and closed its run at $43,313,890.  After theaters take their percentage of the gross, WB would see back around $24m, which would almost cover their acquisition costs, but not the ad spend.  Overseas Edge of Darkness pulled in mediocre to poor numbers across numerous distributors, with a weak total of $37.8m.

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