Furry Vengeance

Budget: $35 million Financed by: Summit; Participant Media; Imagenation
Domestic Gross: $17,630,465 Domestic Distributor: Summit
Overseas Gross: $18,606,245
Directed by: Roger Kumble
Brendan Fraser
Produced by: Robert Simonds

Furry Vengeance box officeSummit Entertainment and Participant Media co-financed the $35 million family film and Imagenation also provided some capital to Participant.  Summit distributed Furry Vengeance in the US where Furry Vengeance tanked opening weekend with $6,627,564 — when A Nightmare On Elm Street remake led the weekend and How To Train Your Dragon took most of Furry Vengeance’s family audience in its sixth weekend in release.  Furry Vengeance declined a modest 32.4% in its second frame to $4,478,107 and then dropped 49.9% in its third weekend to $2,242,106 and closed its run with $17,630,465.  Summit would see back about $9.6 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would cover less than half of the P&A costs.  Summit sold the pic to international distributors, which sold well and limited the financier’s exposure to this flop and Entertainment One saw the only mildly ok results in the UK with a $4.7 million gross.  Furry Vengeance pulled in weak numbers everywhere else totaling $18.6 million.  2010 was a rough year for star Brendan Fraser, who also saw his film Extraordinary Measures flop three months prior and his Broadway debut Elling had one of the worst runs ever and closed after 9 performances.