Green Zone

Budget: $150 million (estimated) Financed by: Working Title; Relativity; Antena 3
Domestic Gross: $35,053,660 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $59,828,889
Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Matt Damon
Produced by: Tim Bevan

green zone box officeCo-financed between Working Title, which is owned by Universal and Relativity Media, Green Zone was a troubled production that saw reshoots balloon the original under $50 million budget upwards of $100 million and estimates as high as $150 million.  Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 also contributed 10% of the budget when the pic was being organized for $50 million.  Numerous Universal executives were fired over the out of control budgets of Green Zone, The Wolfman, Robin Hood and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  The budget of Green Zone reached a number where after a marketing spend, breaking even would be an insurmountable task.  Indeed, the film was a disaster, grossing $14,309,295 opening weekend at the US box office and continued audience rejection of ‘War On Terror’ themed films in the marketplace, especially after costly duds Body Of Lies and The Kingdom.  Green Zone had weak legs, falling a steep 57.3% in its second weekend to $6,113,105 — when Universal also unloaded Repo Men into theaters, which was another delayed pic from ex-chairman Marc Shmuger’s stint at the studio.  The pic closed its run with only $35,053,660.  After theaters take their percentage of the gross, Universal would see back about $19.2 million, which would not even cover the US ad spend.  Green Zone pulled in mediocre to poor numbers overseas with $59.8 million, but it would do little to put a dent in the budget after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  After the Green Zone fiasco, Universal, director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon split, scrapping the fourth Bourne picture and Universal went with Tony Gilroy’s take on the series with The Bourne Legacy.