Saint John Of Las Vegas

Budget: $3.8 million Financed by: IndieVest
Domestic Gross: $102,645 Domestic Distributor: IndieVest
Overseas Gross: $9,086
Directed by: Hue Rhodes
Steve Buscemi
Produced by: Spike Lee

Saint John of Las Vegas box officeSaint John Of Las Vegas may have been made for a cheap $3.8 million, but its failure crippled the new financing system developed by IndieVest.  Set up with a membership based model where members can choose the films to invest in, this critically savaged film would lose their investors everything they invested in after an estimated $5 million was spent on marketing.  Saint John Of Las Vegas grossed just $102,645 before theaters take their percentage of the gross.  The company would go ahead with a second film Knights of Badassdom, only to run out of funds and had to dip into the marketing expense fund to finish the film — and some shady behind the scenes shenanigans led the investors in these bombs to sue IndieVest.  The film was released in a couple of overseas territories straight to video and was released theatrically in Russia to $9,086.