Standing Ovation

Budget: $5.6 million Financed by: N/A
Domestic Gross: $531,806 Domestic Distributor: Kenilworth Films (through Rocky Mountain Pictures)
Overseas Gross: $0
Directed by: Stewart Raffill

standing ovation box officeFans of bad movies should recognize the name Stewart Raffill, the director of the so bad it’s good classic Mac and Me.  He’s back making kids fare and making worst of the year lists once again with his newest flop Standing Ovation.  Financed for a cheap $5.6 million, the backers, including James Brolin, hired Precision Event Group to lead a marketing campaign that involves a tour bus with the young girls doing dance shows and two large red carpet premiers, which was a giant waste of time since this was sub made for cable quality.  Raffill’s wife, producer Diane Kirman, distributed Standing Ovation through her Kenilworth Films and used rent-a-distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures — known usually for their right wing films or anti-Darwin documentary.  The pic opened in 623 theaters to a predictably poor $343,125 and a per screen average of just $551 for the weekend.  Standing Ovation was yanked out of theaters after only two weeks grossing just $531,806 and since this was distributed by a small company they would see less than the usual 55% seen by the major studios (Regal for example pays only 34% to independent distributors) and they saw back less than $200k.  Standing Ovation saw a release in Spain, where it premiered on television.