The Red Baron

Budget: $22.5 million Financed by: Niama-Film
Domestic Distributor: Monterey Media Domestic Gross: $37,189
Overseas Gross: $2,000,000 (estimated)
Directed by: Nikolai Müllerschön
Joseph Fiennes
Produced by: Dan Maag

The Red Baron box officeGerman based Niama-Film financed The Red Baron through six wealthy private individuals covering the $22.5 million budget and the pic was filmed in English to appeal to the global market.  Marking one of the biggest budgets for a German film, Warner Bros picked up German distribution rights and the film did poorly opening weekend with $990,248 and it tanked with just $2 million total.  The film could not garner interest in its home country and global appeal was nonexistent and it went straight to video in the few countries it found a release and pulled in just $37,189 in the US.